Professional Development Workshops

The teacher workshops aim to empower teachers to bring biotechnology into their classrooms. Schools planning to offer ABE on their own must attend the Professional Development Workshop.

During the teacher workshop, teachers and lab officers will:

  • Understand the ABE curriculum and resources available
  • Learn how to implement the ABE programme in their school
  • Conduct experiments involved in the ABE programme and learn how to teach the science concepts
  • Learn how to use and maintain the equipment on loan from Science Centre
  • Learn how to prepare the materials required
  • Learn how to use LabXchange – an online classroom and laboratory 

Upcoming Teacher Workshops

Our next annual ABE Professional Development workshop will take place in November 2024

For enquiries, please contact Charissa at (6425 2789) or Yong Kang at (6425 2531) to register your interest or to find out more.